bree Willson: life counselling / integrative profiling / conflict strategy


Bree Willson is a writer, counselor and a conflict strategist. She is well known as a spiritual intuitive, energy worker or chanellor, all describing a way of receiving knowledge by way of spirit. Bree describes this aspect of her work as opening herself to higher energy states that guide and support us all as we heal and evolve through our lives. As a highly recognized expert in her field, Bree Willson is regularly sought after for her counseling expertise and private consulting work.

Bree is currently writing a book entitled 'One World ~ One Voice ~ One Truth.' The book is a vehicle by which to contribute her extraordinary experience and insights toward the process of self-discovery for individuals and leaders that govern our world populations. 'One World ~ One Voice ~ One Truth' is the first book in a series, whose long birth started in 2003.

Bree spent 25 years as a prominent child educator, focusing on special needs integration. Devoted to working with children and their families, Bree has helped many to find a path of growth through self-discovery. With unbridled compassion, well-defined consulting skills and a fervent conviction towards unity, Bree has helped countless individuals find balance and peace in their lives.