bree Willson: life counselling / integrative profiling / conflict strategy


Over the last couple of years I've had a series of sessions with Bree. Initially I went to see her because I was looking for clarity around some choices I was making in my life. Very quickly it went much deeper then I had anticipated.

In the sessions I experienced a very high,clear vibration. Simply sitting in the energy of the guides was a powerful experience. The communication would  take the form of teaching about the energetic nature of life in general, and mine in particular, I gained new understanding into who I am and what has shaped my relationships.

There were also lots of surprisesl The guides very gently led me back into parts of my life I had buried long ago. This opened up an opportunity for much healing and profound change... an increased sense of wholeness and integration ocurred. After each session I would transcribe it, This was a process I began to look forward to. Deeper meanings would emerge, as if I was once again with the guides. Even now as I read a transcript from two years ago I am moved by the aliveness of the words and the relevance they have for me today.

Bree is a very clear channel for teaching and healing. She has a warm and generous heart, an intelligent mind, and excellent communication skills. I feel a deep gratitude and respect for what she has offered to me, my family and friends.

– Y B, Vancouver, BC

I started to work with Bree as a way to help me get unstuck. As a mother of two toddlers, I had lost my "me" and I started working with Bree in order to try and regain my sense of self.

However, what I have received by working with her is so much more than getting my groove back. It has been life changing experience. Where I used to be closed and judgmental and critical – I am now a much more compassionate and understanding person. I have long battled stress related autoimmune disease and now find myself having the cognitive tools to prevent episodes of extreme stress.

This change in behavior and perspective has made me a better and happier person as well as a better mother and partner to my husband. While the work can be challenging, it is not hard if you are willing to make the effort to change patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. I cannot say enough about the positive nature of my experience with Bree.

– Sarah, Boston, MA

Life is about learning and once we acknowledge how little we know, we are on the path to amazing personal growth and enhancement.

Bree came into my life after 3 years of deep depression. While I found some solace in regular therapy, I felt that something at a deeper level was missing. My soul was not healing. Working with Bree has added a spiritual dimension to my personal growth and to therapy. It is this spiritual aspect that was absent for years and that has helped me see the positive side of life and the strength of my being.

I’ve begun to recognize the incredible connection between body, mind and soul because of this work. Bree’s warmth, commitment and skills have guided me through dark trials and supported me in light moments. I owe much of my current outlook to the work I have done with her.  I can now say with confidence that I don’t think I will need medication for the rest of my life.

I always knew I had a powerful mind and powerful will, but I didn’t know how to access it and use it in such a way that it propelled me forward towards my highest potential. It is hard to go through life and understand all that you do, who you are and all that goes on around you. In my opinion, learning about yourself is the most powerful way to open yourself up to this life and the experiences you have ahead of you. Our minds are miraculous tools that need nurturing in order to be used to the fullest. Bree not only understands this element, she goes beyond and reaches the soul. It is here that true healing and understanding is found. For this and many other things, I will be forever grateful.

– Megan, Vancouver, BC