bree Willson: life counselling / integrative profiling / conflict strategy


When we choose to transition through conflict and separation towards a state of unity, it is necessary to expose our patterned responses to people and situations, because it is these responses –which most of us learned as children– that restrict our forward movement. It is only through developing our understanding of self in relationship to conflict that we are able to apply a new set of principles with which to move forward.

Bree’s counseling sessions focus on moving you through this transition towards unity, with the following benefits:

  • Developing self-awareness and self-understanding leading to greater self-authority in the world
  • Learning the subtle differences between concept vs. knowledge and how it relates to integrity within relationship to self and others
  • Learning the important distinction between struggle and conflict
  • Learning to recognize when your survival mind has been activated
  • Learning to de-escalate your fear response ~ fight, flight or freeze
  • Identifying patterned thinking that limits true self-expression
  • Identifying patterned responses to conflict that restrict change
  • Releasing judgments and control that create patterned responses to conflict
  • Identifying historical influences that negatively impact you and your life experience
  • Coming to experience all conflict as opportunity for change
  • Discovering that trust and self-value are your most valuable tools for peaceful and joyful living
  • Learning to live in your heart safely and with confidence
  • Learning to grow and expand through relationships
  • Deepening your understanding that perception determines all experience
  • Coming to know that unity starts with self, and expresses outwardly
  • Deepening your understanding of self connected to soul connected to spirit ~ we are all One